13 Ways to Build Backlinks for SEO

How a series of true backlinks can help improve your search rankings.

It is not a well-guarded secret that it takes a lot of time and skill to building inbound links for your site. While most bloggers would simply stoop low and spam comment sections for backlinks, that is not something that one would resort to. For, it is neither effective nor necessary when creating backlinks for SEO. Interestingly, while people discuss a lot about the need to put backlinks, rarely do they discuss how to bring it about. Nonetheless, the trick is quite simple if you can grasp it- you simply need to present great content before the right sort of people, and they will definitely pass it around.

Confused? Well, read on to find 13 ways to build backlinks for SEO.

What are backlinks?

Inbound links or backlinks are simply a type of off-page SEO, where traffic is directed to your site by adding links from other websites. The user who is receiving the link would be referring to the link as a backlink. Remember, backlinks are different from internal, or outbound links. Also, if you add the right form of backlink to your website, it will really help your website grow in a number of ways.

1. If another user decides to add your URL in their own blog, there is a huge chance that someone might just click on it and find themselves checking through your website. This will really help drive traffic.

2. Backlinks are a way for search engines to determine how high your website should rank on SERPs. If you have a lot of high-quality, authentic backlinks to your blog, it would imply that you are quite an authority on the subject your blog is dealing with. And that will definitely drive a lot of traffic to your page.

If you want to use a solid inbound link, then you need to ensure it comes from a high ranking website. Also, an inbound link uses an anchor text that feels natural. This implies that you actually know what phrase or word fits the inbound link, and aren’t just highlighting words without any semblance of control.

How To Create Backlinks for SEO

Here are a few ways through which you can create backlinks for SEO.

Maintain a steady blog with great content.

If you want people to constantly link your website to their, the easiest way to do that would be to bring out quality content every single time. There is no need for you to get all muddied up if you create good content.

Link to other blogs on your blog

Remember, blogging is not an individual journey. If you link other bloggers to your blog, there is a huge chance that they would link you to their blogs too. Especially if you add their links in a consistent way. Also, it is quite prudent to note that you probably won’t be able to describe everything in your blog, so why not utilize what’s on the internet and make it a rewarding experience for your visitors?

Write guest blog posts.

Another way to get good inbound links is by writing guest blog posts. After you have written something with quality content, you can pass it around- seeing if any blog offers to publish it. If they did, they would provide you with an inbound link too. And this is something you need to research upon- for there are several media sites out there who would love a guest blog post on any subject that appeals to their readers.

Curate and publish helpful resource lists.

If you can curate and hash out a good resource list, you will have quite a number of bloggers referring to your site, because they themselves wouldn’t want to go through the struggle themselves. Creating a good resource list would not only provide an enriching experience for your followers, but it would also impact the number of backlinks for SEO you get.

Do expert roundups to build relationships

Another way of ensuring that you get a lot of inbound link building in the near future is by organizing expert roundups with influential bloggers. It is quite ascertained that while you may not get leads immediately, you will definitely be able to get their support or their help later. Building a strong relationship is conducive to developing a popular blog on the internet. And as they do participate in the roundup, reach out and ask them about guest post opportunities in their blogs, whilst thanking them for being a part of the roundup.

Write newsjack posts.

This implies that you simply use the freshest news in the market to get your sales ahead of others. If you get hold of something interesting before the rest of the world, you can simply write about it without wasting time and post it on the internet. Due to Google’s algorithm of SERPs, your content will rise to the top due to it being extremely fresh. And every other site would be using your site as a backlink for SEO.

Create case studies about your most impressive clients.

Flattery does go a long way. If you want to attract a lot more followers than you are doing now, you can simply make a case study of the clients who are most impressive. If you display them in good light, there is a huge chance that they will be linking to your site. But remember, you need to put them in a good light. And for that, you need to be focused on what you know about them- by asking them the right questions. Look up the clients who are actually impressive, and who would actually improve the amount of traffic you receive. The final case study should be appropriate, comprehensive, and attractive to the average viewer.

Volunteer to be the subject of a case study.

You can always volunteer to be part of a case study if you want backlinks for SEO without working for them. But you might have to wait until the study is published, or you might have to wrestle with the possibility that the case study may simply be scrapped without notice. Nonetheless, if all goes well, you get a backlink for free.

Administer surveys.

If you are conducting some research, make sure to add high-end bloggers to the secret. For, hiding research findings is not going to help you as someone else might find it without your help and you will have nothing to show for it. So, share it with other bloggers, and after your findings are all recorded and crunched up, you can be assured that the high authority sites would definitely promote your blog whilst providing you with a good enough sample size for further research.

Write book reviews.

A tried and tested method where you review a book and they link your site to their official page. All you have to do is review the book without any bias, and you will be set in gold.

Conduct free webinars, and post archived copies online.

If the webinar you are conducting is something interesting, people will definitely share it around. For your part, you need to simply convert the PowerPoint presentation into a SlideShare presentation, and then add the embedded link on a blog post. You might as well add the entire link on the landing page of Slideshare so that people who missed it would be able to see the presentation later.

And if you want a lot more traffic for the webinar, simply align yourself with a brand or company. The partnership will definitely increase the amount of traffic you see on your website as followers from both ends would be checking your webinar out to create backlinks for SEO.

Create free tools.

When you are publishing and curating resource lists, it also means you are offering something that is going to be extremely useful to other bloggers. If you are tech-savvy, you can simply create free tools that would be used by other bloggers to further their blogs. And in that way, they will definitely promote your idea and your link, by building in inbound link to their own websites. Also, you can link your own free tools to the resource list- curating it even further.

Create shareable templates.

Similar to free tools, templates can be curated on a resource list too. But before designing a template, you need to make sure who you are building it for. It means that if you are a designer, you can create templates that are simply of business cards- one that can be downloaded by companies continuously. Currently, bookmarkable contents are on the rise, so you might want to get a look at that.

So, here are 13 ways that will help you build backlinks for SEO. If you can do this properly, you will find a whole host of traffic to your site, without any delay.


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