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A Review of 31 Website Feedback Tools You Need in Your Life

Feedback methods will help you know what your customers think of you- why not try some of these tools?

Using feedback tools can help you learn what your consumers think of your product, services, and website. From there, you can make improvements or changes to keep your customers happy.

Most customers won’t complain to you- they’ll simply take their business elsewhere, complain to family and friends, or complain on social media. If you don’t know that they’re complaining, how can you fix what their complaint is? Use feedback tools, and you’ll prevent this from happening in the future!

Feedback tools are becoming more and more popular as sales happen more and more online. Feedback tools can address things you won’t find in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Web analytics are great for what they do, but for more in-depth info you’ll want to use feedback tools to gain further insights.

Here we’ll go through reviews of 31 feedback tools so you can decide which to use for your site. Almost all of these tools have free trials or demos.

Feedback comes in many forms (pun intended).

5 Types of Feedback Methods

There are multiple ways to get short feedback from customers- here’s what they are

  1. Voice of the Customer: This focuses on the visitor’s experience and has them communicate directly what their thoughts are. This method does not interrupt the viewer’s interactions with your site.
  2. Community Feedback: This is a feedback forum collected via your website and published in a public forum, where users can vote and make suggestions.
  3. Usability/Visual Feedback: This is feedback about certain elements of a page, such as buttons or text. It can be gathered in a mock-up or live online, and appears as a screenshot through email that you can comment on.
  4. Webshop Reviews: This emails a customer and asks them to evaluate their experience after buying a product. They rate the experience numerically and can leave comments.
  5. Traditional Surveys: These are your regular surveys where you can ask as many questions as you want. Be warned, though, as many customers won’t want to sit through twenty questions.

Voice of the Customer

1: Survicate

Survicate has targeted surveys, in-message surveys, questionnaires, and a feedback widget. These methods are super fast and take only seconds.

2: WebEngage

This reduces response time by a lot with custom response categories and conditions. With many features and customizable forms, WebEngage has it all, including multi-admin support and advance reports.

3: Qualaroo

This feedback tool shows at the bottom of the screen so as not to disrupt the customer. Polls, exit surveys, and questions are possible here, and all can focus on how long a customer has spent on the page or how many times they’ve visited the page.

4: Hotjar

This tool has heatmaps and user recordings to track the user’s session and see where they may run into problems. Now you can visualize user behavior, and seeing how users interact with your site can help you solve many problems.

5: Pulse Insights

Similar to Quaraloo and Survicate, this tool is easy and accessible, with options to customize action bars, use 360 micro survey insights, and collect user preferences.

6: Feedbackify

A simple to install form, this allows users to rate and comment, as well as leave suggestions. They offer a 15 day free trial as well!

7: Opinionlab

This is one of the most popular VoC methods. Gathering feedback in real time, it can take action on whatever customers tell you. It allows you to dive into your customers’ interactions and gives you insight on how to make your customer experience better.

8: Kampyle

With this tool you can track experience across different locations on your site, featuring advanced capabilities that will invite feedback when customers leave your site.

Community Feedback Tools

9: UserVoice

Visitors can vote on ideas for new features of your site with this tool. It also has forum moderation and management for easy organization and use. You can look into trends and insights and monitor your site as such.

10: UserEcho

This gives feedback as ideas forum, helpdesk, knowledge base, and live chat. You’ll be able to share insights with your team and demographics, go over topics, and listen and change aspects of your site for your consumers.

11: IdeaScale

This tool is like many of the others above, but it also uses Facebook so you can link to your Facebook Community Page. Publish short polls and the like.

12: UserReport

With similar capabilities as other tools, it also lets you create surveys that allow for direct interaction with consumers.

13: GetSatisfaction

This tool lets your visitors socialize via public forums. It will collect feedback from all of your pages, and let all other visitors respond to this feedback. Now you’ll have a collection of what most commonly ails your visitors.

14: UseResponse

A variation of UserVoice and GetSatisfaction, this has the capabilities of both but a smaller price tag. It also has a live chat client!

15: Helprace

Email management, customer community, feedback, documents, and more are mixed together with this software. Here you can collaborate with customers on a personal level and give them feedback as soon as they post for help.

Usability Feedback Tools

16: Usabilla

Visitors can comment on your app via screenshot, reporting bugs to you and giving other feedback. They can also give feedback offline. You can personalize widgets, create specific feedback forms, and ask any questions you wish.

17: Usersnap

Visitors can make notes, comment, and circle elements they think you need to pay attention to. This information is sent to you as a screenshot.

18: TrackDuck

Designed for web designers and developers, users can interact with this tool to highlight page elements and comment. You can chat with users, assign tasks, and check on progress- it’s interactive and great for your team, as it allows you all to work together quite easily


Similar to Usersnap, this tool gives free visual feedback with zero installations. It’s no mess, no fuss, and allows you to text new designs with a click of a button.

Webshop Review Tools


Visitors can leave reviews via email, a quick and easy way for you to get feedback and for them to deliver it. On a third party platform, visitors can also see your reviews on your company’s profile page.

21: KiyOh

Like other tools, KiyOh is all about ratings and reviews, but it’s also much cheaper and has a wide amount of features. Their free trial period is six weeks- why not give it a go?

22: eKomi

Customer and product reviews will show up here, reviewed by eKomi’s Management team. These reviews then are published online for all search engines to see.

23: TrustPilot

Consumers are invited via email to review your product your service. All of these reviews will then be in a public community and can be shown also on your website or Facebook page.

24: Feefo

After a customer makes a purchase, they will receive an email to review the product. You can see these reviews and use insight tags to view trends and keywords in the feedback you receive.

Traditional Survey Tools

25: GetFeedback

You can invite visitors via email to review your product or service, you can create surveys, and you can connect to SalesForce- all the results will be shown in a SalesForce dashboard.

26: Google Forms

Google Forms lets you create surveys and collaborate on them with your entire team. The design is completely customizable as well, with data becoming available in Google Sheets once you gather it. Anyone with a Google account can complete your surveys.

27: Typeform

With beautiful forms that are also user friendly, your customers will be engaged in these surveys all the way through. You can also make registration forms, order forms, and any other type of form you can dream of.

28: SurveyMonkey

A super popular tool, SurveyMonkey has 15 types of questions and everything is scored automatically by their systems. It’s also free under its Basic Plan, so it’s a true win-win. Data can be analyzed in charts or in other ways- it’s all up to you.

29: SurveyGizmo

Similar to SurveyMonkey, this tool lets you design a survey fast under either a free or paid option. It supports multiple languages and can also translate, which helps if you have an audience from all over the world.

30: Formsite

With over 100 templates and 40 question types, you can truly make any type of survey or form here. Everything is easy to make due to the user-friendly structure, and you can integrate with SalesForce, Dropbox, and Mailchimp.

31: Polldaddy

Here you can embed surveys onto the pages of your websites, or invite visitors to email their feedback. Results become available in real-time.

Customers want more than ever before, and you have to be ready to deliver. By listening to their feedback and responding in a timely manner, you can make sure that your customers make, not break, your business.

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