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Check Out These Stellar Templates for Creating Google Data Studio Reports and Dashboards

Use these gorgeous dashboards as inspiration and help for your next marketing report

One of the nicest things about Google Data Studio is that you can build any type of marketing dashboard that your heart desires. But for most people, starting out with a blank page is difficult. Maybe you don’t know what analytics you want to start comparing or you aren’t sure how you want to track the success of your campaigns. That’s why UXAX is reviewing these stunning Google Data Studio dashboard templates and ideas in our latest blog post.

Comprehensive Dashboard for All Paid Social Campaigns

Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads comparison dashboard for Google Data Studio

Not all clients or bosses are as invested in the specific nuts and bolts of paid advertising. They just want to know how much money you are spending and what results you are getting in exchange. For cases like this one, using a paid channel mix reporting template can help you convey the success of your social media campaigns in one cohesive format.

Comparison Dashboard for Two Different Channels

Facebook ads vs google ads comparison dashboard

Sometimes, you will need to run similar campaigns on two different channels, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads in order to decide which platform is more suitable for a particular campaign. Starting off with a simple template where you compare the cost, the number of impressions, click-through-rates, and conversion rates will be helpful. A simple template, such as this Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, is easy to create and adjust for yourself.

Paid Social Reporting Templates

Once you determine which channels attract the most engagement from your target audience members, you need to provide reports on each of their respective performances through different dashboards. Need help getting started? Check out these templates for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora below.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads dashboard for google data studio

LinkedIn Ads

linkedin ads dashboard for google data studio

Quora Ads

quora ads dashboard for google data studio

Organic Social Media Performance Templates

Social media audit template for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube

In addition to your paid social campaigns, you also need to keep a close eye on your organic social media performance. If you just want to get a general overview of your organic social activity across different platforms, you can use this all-in-one template designed by JourneyEngine.

However, you will also need to track the performance of each of your organic social accounts separately. Analyzing statistics on your impressions, follower rate, the average number of likes you receive per post, and general audience demographics will help you measure performance rates and determine what type of content you should produce for the future. Don’t forget to check out these templates for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


YouTube channel performance dashboard template for Data Studio


Instagram Insights dashboard template for Data Studio


Facebook page reporting template for Data Studio

Dashboards for SEO Reports

For some SEO specialists, crunching their data on Google Sheets is good enough for them. But if you need to present an SEO report for a client, you should use Data Studio to create clean and eye-catching dashboards.

The Moz domain authority template is perfect for showing team members and clients how well your website stacks up against different competitors. The Google My Business report template is also great for comparing your business’s reviews and impressions with other companies.

Moz Domain Authority Template

Moz domain authority template for Data Studio

Google My Business Report

Google my business data studio dashboard

Content and Email Marketing Templates for Google Data Studio

Tracking your content and email marketing activities through Google Data Studio can also help you determine how well they are performing and where you can improve for the future. If you use HubSpot or Mailchimp, try these simple templates for tracking their performance metrics.

HubSpot Reporting Template

HubSpot content marketing reporting template

Mailchimp Email Marketing Template

Mailchimp email marketing report template for Google Data Studio

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