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Facebook Analytics is Leaving - Here’s What You Can Use Instead

The widely used analytics tool will no longer exist, but there are plenty of other options.

If you are a Facebook user who has had to post content and promote your page, or if you have your own website, you are likely familiar with Facebook Analytics. The tool was created by Facebook to show insights into website and page traffic, allowing users and account owners to optimize content and pay attention to how consumers received it and interacted on the page. 

However, after June 30, 2021, the tool will no longer be available. Facebook does assure that up until that date, you will be able to access data and export tables, graphs, and infographics as well as see the insights on your account. In other words, everything will be as normal until it disappears and becomes unusable on June 30th. 

You may be wondering why Facebook Analytics is leaving at all. While there are only theories on the reasoning behind this decision, meaning that none of them have actually been confirmed, it seems that it has something to do with the tool being reported as the least useful when up against other analytics tools, as well as Facebook choosing to confine their services. 

Despite it not being the most useful, it has been very widely used. The news of it being discontinued is pretty significant for influencers and marketers alike, so there has been a concern for what to use instead. If you find yourself stressed and you have made your way to this article for some answers and help, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What analytics and insights mean for your page
  • Why you should be monitoring the insights of your page
  • Alternatives to Facebook Analytics 

What Do Analytics and Insights Really Mean?

There’s a lot more to running a page than one might think.

To have a successful page, website, or business, it is absolutely crucial that you monitor, observe, and stay aware of the traffic to your site. Facebook Analytics made this super easy to do, but with the service ending, there’s a mad dash to find alternatives. There are a lot of things that analytics and insights, which Facebook Analytics provided, can do for your business or page. 

Finger pointing at graph and bar chart on a piece of paper.
Looking into the analytics and insights of a site can optimize how you tailor content. 

What analytics and insights can provide is a pretty endless list. There are plenty of things that these can give you, and with Facebook Analytics, that process has been pretty foolproof. 

Here are some things that insights can give you information about:

  • The ages of account interactors 
  • Their gender or gender identity
  • Where they’re from/viewing from
  • How they interacted with your post
  • How many followers you gain/lose
  • The amount of profile or page views you get a day
  • How long they stay on your page

All of this information is vital to creating and tailoring what you are selling or advertising, or even just what you are creating as content. Knowing who is viewing it the most and interacting with it means that you can make changes as you grow your page or business. A lot of businesses who sell or use Facebook as a source for advertisement or content creation rely on Facebook Analytics to tell them this crucial information about their following and visits. 

So it comes as no surprise that the ending of Facebook Analytics has left users needing to know where to go next. You can read on to the next section to dig a little deeper into just what these analytics and insights do for users, and why they are so necessary. 

Why You Should Care About Analytics and Insights

It’s more than just interesting numbers and data to look at. 

Facebook garners billions of users every single day, meaning that some pages generate a vast amount of user traffic that allows them to boost a brand and get themselves out there. The most crucial step to getting to that point is knowing the analytics and then using that information to create content and generate even more traffic. 

Girl sitting at her desk on her laptop with her phone in her hand.
Thorough knowledge of your page’s analytics is crucial to keeping yourself successful. 

Analytics are ultimately what allow you to understand your audience. Being able to know their age, gender, location, as well as how they are actually interacting with your page is crucial knowledge and incredibly helpful to know as a business owner, content creator, and the like. 

Here are some things you are able to do a lot easier with analytics as the guiding tool:

  • Create targeted advertisements and posts
  • Understand the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a particular ad or post
  • See how their interactions translate to actual purchases
  • See users social interactions to optimize social media platforms 
  • Increase social engagement with a post or page as a whole

All of these are great in their ability to really drive success and make it much easier for you to know who the audience is as well as their responses to what you are putting out there. Without these, it would be difficult to know what is a hit and what is a miss, or even just what isn’t working with your content, advertisements, and interactions. 

A really cool feature of Facebook Analytics is that it can also record and track user interactions and movement across more than just Facebook itself. Having access to this type of information means fully optimizing advertisements and content to get the most sales or views. 

Knowing your audience, user traffic, and how they interact with your page and others allows you to have a complete and full understanding of their behavior on your platform. When you know your audience, you gain a strong ability to generate the best advertisements, content, and revenue, meaning you can optimize traffic and interactions which will turn into sales or views for social media influencers. Success begins with knowing your audience, and analytics are the most important tool for getting there. 

Alternatives to Facebook Analytics

Even with Facebook Analytics leaving, there are a lot of other great tools to use. 

Facebook Analytics, while a wonderful source and tool, is not the only tool of its kind. There are quite a few other tools to use, also owned by Facebook, to get the same information and gain the same benefits that Facebook Analytics did. These tools are also a bit more refined and polished, meaning the experience becomes easier and more enjoyable for you as well.

Open iPhone focused on the Facebook app icon.
Other tools similar to Facebook Analytics can actually offer an improved experience for you. 

Facebook Business Suite

Owned by Facebook, Facebook Business Suite uses all the accounts you have connected through your Facebook account, meaning that if you have connected Instagram, you will be able to track the analytics on both platforms in one place.

Here are some of the things you can do with Facebook Business Suite:

  • Create a post or and promote your business
  • Schedule future posts and stories for a later time 
  • Monitor trends
  • See the activity on your content and page
  • View insights on your audience and page
  • Gain access to more tools, such as Business Settings
  • Boost your individual posts and ads

Facebook Business Suite offers convenience and simplicity. Everything you need to know and access is all in one place, and you are even able to create content and schedule it from the same place. 

Ads Manager

Creating successful advertisements is absolutely crucial to the overall success of your business. Strong advertisements generate the most sales and interactions, so having a tool like Ads Manager is really important as it is useful. 

Here’s what you can do with Ads Manager:

  • Create ads with a built-in step-by-step process
  • Have a lot of choice and customization options with your ads
  • Set a budget
  • Create copies of the ads you create
  • See the performance of your ads in real time
  • Create and schedule ad reports
  • View the metrics of your ads

Ads Manager is the perfect tool to create advertisements that are fully customizable, easy to create, and truly tailored for your target audience. You are also able to have a detailed idea of how your ads are performing and what traffic they are generating. The tool is a great one to have for any business, small or large, to get the most out of the ads they’re creating. 

The analytics and insights of your page and business are the key to success. Having a good idea and an easy to use tool to get that information is crucial to creating strong content and ads. While this information was easily accessed through Facebook Analytics, the exit and discontinuity of the tool isn’t such a devastation for businesses who use Facebook after all. 

With other tools that Facebook has created and owns, like Business Suite and Ads Manager, having easy access to insights about your audience and the ability to create the best advertisements is just as possible. Both offer simplicity and accessibility, and are really created for you to make the best out of your insights and have great success.

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