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Get to the Top of Google Instantly with Google Posts

Want your brand to be on the top? Try Google Posts to show up fast in web results!

Unlike trying to increase your SEO, which takes time and skill, Google Posts puts you right at the top on Google’s search results page.

Most businesses have a Google My Business account. If you don’t, we highly suggest getting one. It allows you to use Google Posts, which is a new feature that’s only been around since January.

With Google Posts, you can request access to post whatever you want directly on Google. The technology first came to use during the 2016 presidential election, where candidates could post information about themselves and issues right to Google’s results page.

This way, potential customers and clients don’t have to go through multiple website clicks to find you. With your information right up top in search results, they’ll find you right away from Google, which they trust.

Google Posts can definitely help you spread brand awareness- why not try it out for yourself!

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