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How SEO Affects Your UX

Having quality content and a beautiful website is great, but you can be doing more for your UX

Whenever you have an urgent question, where do you turn? Your trusted pal Google. Unfortunately, upon searching, you’ll find lots of blog posts that contain more ‘author’s life story’ than actual useful information.

This has happened to most of us, especially when searching for recipes or how-to guides, and it can be quite annoying. Keeping this in mind, you can spruce up your own blog posts so viewers don’t end up feeling this way.

Understanding SEO, keywords, and length can help your posts better suit your audience and their needs. Here are some common practices you should get into a habit of doing.

How to Improve your SEO and thus, your UX

Give Answers Right Away

Your blog post’s title should reflect the information that will be given to the user right away. Don’t go into lengthy stories at the start of your post- save those for the end, if even. Put your most vital information at the top of your post, and then go into the details.

Your goal is to provide value and answer questions, not go crazy with the creative writing. This will set you apart from other bloggers who spend forever on backstory before getting to the actual point of the post.

Use Keywords!

Know which keywords are ranking high at the moment. Use SEMrush and Google AdWords Keyword Planner to help you find keywords for your articles. These tools help you see which keywords a URL is ranking for.

Headlines have Power- Use Them Wisely

Your headlines and subheadlines should be used to summarize what the reader will read in the following section. This will keep your blog posts relevant and on-task for your audience. Don’t be misleading- this can create a negative user experience. Tell your audience what you’re about to say, and then say it.

If your article title is a list, like “5 Ways to Improve your SEO,” go right into the steps! Don’t waste time typing out paragraphs of introduction. Your readers don’t need that and want to get to the juicy, informative part.

By creating trust between you and your readers, and giving them the information you say you’re going to give them, readers will come back to your website again and again.

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