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How to Share Google Data Studio Reports

Here Are Some Of Our Helpful Tips To Share Your Google Data Studio Reports

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The first step when you want to understand how to share Google Data Studio Reports would be to understand how to create a report. You cannot go about sharing a report before you have created said report. 

You can share your reports via email to viewers or editors. It will send them an email invitation and you can invite specific people or Google Groups. You are also able to share your reports more broadly by allowing anyone with the link to access your reports in Google Data Studio. 

Now how do you go about sharing this Google Data Studio report that you spent time creating? Well here’s how.

  1. Sign into your Looker Studio account (formerly Google Data Studio)
  2. View or edit the report you want to share
  3. On the top right corner, click on Share - the Share with others dialog will appear

It is pretty simple to share a report in Google Data Studio. Although, you should keep in mind that there are a few ways to share your report with someone which are:

  • Invite someone via email to either edit, view, use, or collaborate on a report
  • Share the link to a specific user
  • Share the link with the general public
  • Share a PDF version via an automatic email delivery
  • Download the report as a PDF
  • Embed the report on a website

Now let’s take a deeper dive into each of these ways to share a Google Data Studio Report.

Invite Someone Via Email To View Or Edit Your Report

Under the “Invite People” option from the Share drop-down menu allows you to invite others to view, edit, use, or collaborate on a report with you.

Now you can also manage the access of what people can do with your report by clicking on the “manage access” button. 

Image showing what to click on to manage access to a report.
What to click on to manage the access of who you invite to share your report with. You can either allow them to edit, view, or make them owner of the report. Image courtesy of Optimize Smart

When you make someone an editor of the report you are giving them permission to edit the report. Which involves allowing them to add, change or remove charts, controls, filters, data sources schema, and etc to the report. If you give permission to someone to view your report only allows them to view it, so they are unable to edit it. Keep in mind, they will still be able to share the report with other users.

However, when you make someone the owner of a report when you share the report with them, you are giving them full access over the report. When you create a report you are automatically set as the owner of the report. Keep in mind that report ownership can be transferred to another user within the same domain as the current owner. 

You also have the option to remove a user by clicking on the “Remove” button under the “manage access” section. 

Sharing the Link to A Specific User or the General Public

In Google Data Studio you are able to share the link to your report with specific users, meaning users that already have “can view,”  “can edit,”  or owner permission for the shared report.

You are able to share the report link by clicking on the “Get report link” option from the Share drop-down menu. 

Although if you would like to share your report with a large group of people or with the general public, instead of inviting each user separately through an email, you can just share the report publicly by turning the link sharing option on. 

Sharing a PDF version via an Automatic Email Delivery

You can also schedule an email delivery of a Google Data Studio report, which will automatically email a PDF version to you and the other users on a regular basis. 

To schedule this email delivery simply click on the “Schedule email delivery” option from the Share drop-down menu. 

Downloading the Report as a PDF

 You are also able to download your Google Data Studio report and then share this downloaded file with others. To download a data report all you simply need to do is click on the “Download Report” button from the Share drop-down menu.

Image of share options for your report.
All of the Share options in the Share drop-down menu for a report in Google Data Studio. Click on download report to download a PDF version of your report to share with others. Image courtesy of Hubspot.

Embedding the Report on a Website

Another idea would be to embed the report onto a website/app or any social media platform that supports embed. Go to the report editor and click on the “Embed report” button under the Share drop-down menu. 

Why Would You Share Your Report?

You may be asking yourself, why would I share my Google Data Studio Report with anyone? Well, here’s why. 

It is important to note that being able to share your report with someone allows you to get more opinions on it and allows you to work collaboratively with your team. You can share your insights both internally and externally, which is a great benefit of sharing your Google Data Studio report. Upon sharing your report internally, you will be able to collaborate on a current report in real-time, and you can even connect 500+ data sources into one report. This way, your team will be able to see all of your data in one place to have an easier time making important decisions. 


Overall, sharing your Google Data Studio (changed to Looker Studio) report allows you to get multiple opinions on your data and gives you the opportunity to share your insights with the rest of your team or the general public.

It is super beneficial for a business to share reports with each member of different departments so the business can run efficiently. Utilizing Google Data Studio as a data visualization tool in your business is important because it ensures everyone on a team is on the same page and understands the insights results from reports.

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