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The 23 Best Small Business Marketing Agencies in 2023

If You Are A Small Business In Need of A Digital Marketing Team And Don’t Know Where to Turn

The key to growing a small business into a large business has a lot to do with being able to grow the scale of your business exponentially. And one of the key ways that you can grow your business at a rapid pace is by forming a great relationship with a digital marketing agency.

These agencies can completely create and implement a marketing strategy that is based on data-driven techniques that help you reach the best audience for your brand. They help you get your product in front of the audience who are most likely to become customers. And this can help you cut through a lot of the marketing noise that is created out there.

There are so many ways to market and advertise your product that it can truly be an overwhelming task for a small business to do successfully and that is where partnering with a business marketing agency can be a real game changer for a small business.

Types of Business Marketing Agencies

There are a lot of options when it comes to business marketing agencies. But the truth of the matter is that in the modern world most of the agencies you encounter are going to be some type of digital marketing agencies. And that is because digital marketing offers a data driven approach to marketing that more traditional forms of advertising simply can’t, which makes them an incredible choice for a small business that is trying to expand their brand as efficiently as possible.

There are a few types of digital marketing agencies out there so be sure to choose the one that fits the needs of your business the best.

Digital Marketing Agency

Most marketing agencies these days are some form of digital marketing agency in one form or another. A Digital Marketing Agency helps a business create a website, manage and create the brands social media profiles, and provide search engine optimized marketing. They also provide audience analysis and market insights. But this can be done in a variety of ways from traditional advertising to social media influencer campaigns. You can see the types of digital marketing agencies listed below.

Advertising Agency

Team of planners create messages directly for the target audience.

Branding Agency  

Team of specialists creates a strong sense of brand identity.

Communications or Media Agency

A wide variety of content creators execute the creation of content once the brand is defined.

Influencer Marketing Agency

Help a business get in front of the right target audience through social media influencers.

Public Relations Agency

Help businesses generate buzz in the media.

Content Marketing Agency

Content creators and strategists that generate your content from the ground up.

smartsites logo

1 - SmartSites

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: Web Design, SEO, Pay-Per-Click

Location: Paramus, NJ

SmartSites was founded in 2011 by two brothers (Alex and Michael Melen) who grew up with a passion for digital technology. With their innovative vision and a team of hard workers SmartSites quickly became one of America’s fastest growing companies. And they are growing at that rate and still maintaining a 97% rating that they exceeded customer expectations.

The company itself is a digital marketing agency that specializes in a nice variety of digital marketing services. They offer full website design, SEO driven strategies, a greater amount of pay-per-click revenue, and can even manage social media accounts and email campaigns.

Sociallyin logo

2 - Sociallyin

Category: Social Media Marketing Agency

Specialties: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Location: Atlanta, GA

Sociallyin is a marketing agency that specializes in spreading awareness of your brand on social media platforms. And they specialize in a variety of major social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. And what is really nice about that is that they can be sure to get your brand in front of the right audience. Many social media platforms have significant differences when it comes to user demographics. So by offering so many platforms, they offer you a great opportunity to make sure that you are getting your ads in front of the demographic that is most likely to become customers.

Builtvisible logo

3 - Builtvisible

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: SEO, Content, Digital PR, Data

Location: London, England

Builtvisible has earned themselves a reputation for providing some of the highest performing search engine optimized content. And that is largely because they have plenty of data available to help plan the campaign around and have an entire in-house production team to generate the content. And this strategy has led them to become one of the best in the business. They combine their data-driven customized SEO strategies with their team of Digital PR specialists and it leads to fantastic results for their clients!


4 - WebFX

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: SEO, Digital Marketing, Custom-Built Platform, Pay-Per-Click

Location: Harrisburg, PA

WebFX is a unique option in the digital marketing industry because they have a custom-built software that provides their customers with insights that nobody else has. And they have been in this business for over 25 years so it's understandable that they would be able to provide insights from their experience that some of the new agencies simply can’t. And they have a serious team to back it all up.

They have over 500 digital marketing experts that use their custom-built software to help businesses break out of the limitations they have built for themselves. They specialize in solving the digital bottlenecks that many companies run into, which can be absolutely essential for a small business that is really hoping to explode to that next level!

DashClicks logo

5 - DashClicks

DashCLicks: Software to help your agency move forward, faster
Image courtesy of DashClicks.

Category: Digital Marketing Agency/Software Company

Specialties: Software That Helps You Move Forward Faster

Location:Fort Lauderdale, FL

DashClicks is another unique option in the sphere of digital marketing agencies because they are both a digital marketing agency and a software company. But what really sets them apart is that they are focused and passionate about helping small businesses achieve their goals.

The digital marketing agency was first founded in 2009 and after a decade of constant success they released their DashClicks platform in 2019 and had 1,000 agencies sign up in under 24 hours. And in 2022 they released the 2.0 version of the software. And this year they pioneered a pricing plan for only $99 a month!

Ignite Visibility logo

6 - Ignite

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: SEO/SEM, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising, Online Marketing

Location: Denver, CO

Ignite Marketing claims to be where strategy, technology, and marketing talent all converse to create custom-crafted and result-driven digital campaigns that are all about helping their clients reach their growth goals. They help a business drive more traffic, convert more leads, and turn more visitors into customers. And they are effective whether you need a short-term or long-term solution. This can make them great for a small business that is first venturing into online marketing.

KlientBoost logo

7 - KlientBoost

Category: Digital Marketing agency

Specialties: Performance marketing, ROI Focus

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

KlientBoost aims to provide performance based marketing that provides the greatest return on investment possible for their clients. They understand that times are tough right now and they want to give their customers the most bang for their buck possible. And they help every type of business from national brands to new startups. So they know how to create and implement a digital marketing strategy that is right for your small business. They will provide you with a custom marketing plan and they offer a variety of services that range from audits of your current marketing to ongoing expert management of your entire digital marketing efforts.

Lyfe logo

8 - Lyfe Marketing

Category:  Social Media Management Company

Specialties: Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing

Location: Atlanta, GA

Lyfe Marketing is an award-winning social media marketing agency. They offer a comprehensive implementation of a social media strategy that is going to be right for your brand. They run top-performing social media campaigns for businesses of all different types and manage your brand across a variety of different popular social media platforms, which makes them a great option for any small business. The fact that they offer so many different social media platforms means that they can really be sure to get your product in front of the perfectly targeted audience.

moburst logo

9 - Moburst

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: Organic Awareness, Marketing Strategy, Targeted Audience

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Moburst is a digital marketing agency that also specializes in getting your brand in front of highly targeted audiences. And they have shown their strategies are successful with businesses of all shapes and sizes, including a couple Fortune 500 companies. So they have the track record to back up their methods. And they’ve worked with over 600 different brands in the past so they have the experience to know what is going to work for your small business.

ignite digital logo

10 - Ignite Digital

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: SEO, Organic Searches

Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Ignite is a marketing agency that is highly specialized in offering search engine optimized results. Basically, they help your company rank higher in Google searches about things related to your business. And they have over 13 years of experience with delivering this kind of service. And they will run a free competitive analysis of your SEO against your competitors and let you see just how you compare to the competition

hibu logo

11 - Hibu

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: Lead Generation

Location: King of Prussia, PA

Hibu specializes in generating new leads for small businesses. They have an advanced proprietary platform that results in more leads which in turn means more customers,  resulting in a greater return on investment for their customers. They are trusted by over 70,000 local businesses across the nation.

thrive logo

12 - thrive

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialities: Google Analytics Services, Google Analytics Auditing, Google Analytics Set-up, Google Analytics Consulting

Location: Arlington, TX

Thrive provides a wide variety of different digital marketing services. But what makes them really stand out from many of the digital marketing agencies is their expertise in Google Analytics, which they offer plenty of training, auditing, and consulting for. They provide you with data-driven insights and make recommendations about your strategy based on the data they collect.

Scorpion logo

13 - Scorpion

woman with red hair in a beige sweater
Image courtesy of Scorpio.

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: SEO, Lead Management, Content Marketing, Advertising

Location: Valencia, CA

Scorpion is a business that provides internet marketing services that drive more leads, customers, and revenue to your business. Their all in one platform is easy to use and helps you stay connected with your customers in whatever method they prefer. Scorpion is a newer marketing agency but has already partnered with over 14,000 business owners.

Disruptive advertising logo

14 - Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising team meeting
Image courtesy of Disruptive Advertising.

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: Digital Marketing Strategy, Advertising, SEO

Location: Pleasant Grove, UT

Disruptive Advertising is a full-service marketing agency. Which means that they have a team full of experts across various fields to provide you with the insights needed to create a complete digital marketing strategy. And they have the experience of having worked with thousands of clients in the past. They will provide a multilevel strategy across various platforms to create the perfect strategy for your brand

webdew logo

15 - Webdew

Category: Digital Marketing Agency

Specialties: Websites, Videos, Marketing, HubSpot

Location: Seattle, WA

Webdew has a team of talented professionals who specialize in Video Marketing and HubSpot. And their experienced team works tirelessly to help your business grow.  They make a commitment to their work and aim to form an unbreakable bond of trust with their clients. Webdew was first founded in 2016 and became a Hubspot partner the very next year, and were certified as a HubSpot Diamond Partner in 2020.

aiken house logo

16 - Aiken House

Image courtesy of Aiken House.

Category: Venture Studio

Specialties: SEO, Content Creation

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Aiken House is a venture studio which makes them a little different from the digital marketing agencies on the list. As a venture studio they are more involved inthe start up process for your business idea whereas most marketing agencies get involved once your business is already established. They provide SEO research to help your business get off the ground. When your business is first starting out and at its most critical stage, the provide the marketing and research that can help you immediately find consumers as soon as your product goes live!

See, Aiken House is all about taking your idea (before it's even become a business) and creating a content driven strategy based on SEO research to help your business, your brand, or your product get off the ground running at full speed. You’ll come into the first stages of business with a content strategy already in place. And when you consider how much of advertising revenue is spent on digital spaces (almost 700 billion this year alone) you certainly don’t want to be missing out as a small business that could most benefit from online exposure!

Wordify logo

17 - Wordify

Category: Content Marketing Agency

Specialties: Demand Generation, Content Production, Content Repurposing, SEO

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Wordify has a team of technical writers that aren’t your standard content marketing agency factory. Their teams specialize in building content funnels that turn website visitors into leads and sales. They provide high-quality content that aligns with your vision and market position. They will build (or re-build) your leads funnel, refine your SEO, fill the lead tunnel with compelling content, and start getting more results per audience member interaction.

the influencer marketing factory logo

18 - The Influencer Marketing Factory

Category: Influencer Marketing Agency

Specialties: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Location: Miami, FL

The Influencer Marketing Factory is another agency that specialize in social media advertising through social media influencers. Many people are aware of how beneficial influencer marketing can be for their business, but really have no idea of how to go about implementing it on their own. The Influencer Marketing Factory takes care of that. They create authentic, scalable, and ROI-oriented social media influencer campaigns across three major platforms. TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

marketing insider group

19 - Marketing Insider Group

Image courtesy of Marketing Insider Group.

Category: Content Marketing Agency

Specialties: Grow Traffic, Leads, and Revenue

Location: West Chester, PA

Marketing Insider Group has a team of over 35 experienced writers that produce content that generates traffic, rankings, and sales. They provide support for blogging, SEO strategy, and content marketing as well. They manage over 30 company blogs currently and drive 2,000,000 website visits every month. They start with a yearly plan that involves publishing 1 or 2 high quality articles on your blog every week and each post is specifically created to acquire new customers and drive sales!

viral nation logo

20 - Viral Nation

Category: Marketing and Technology Company

Specialties: Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing

Location: Ontario, Canada

Viral Nation is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing a variety of different marketing strategies for clients. One thing that sets them apart from their competition is the fact that they have a full on creator talent agency, and a full on athlete talent agency. And we don’t see a lot of the influencer marketing companies speaking specifically about having athletes in their influencer network. So if you think your brand would do well in front of sports fans, Viral Nation could be an incredible choice for you!

iron paper logo

21 - Ironpaper

Building dashboards and reports that contextualize those metrics and tell the story of your team's wrk and its outcomes can help you communicate to leadership that your budget and resources are required for company success and growth
Image courtesy of Ironpaper.

Category: B2B Growth Agency

Specialties: Lead generation, Drive Sales, Specifically for B2B Companies

Location: New York, NY

Ironpaper is a New York based agency that is primarily focused on helping B2B brands build their business. Many B2B companies have to deal with having a longer sales cycle than average. So if you are in the B2B business and have a long sales cycle, IronPaper could be just what your small business has been looking for!

mayple logo

22 - Mayple

you only have 3 seconds to catch your audience's attention
Image courtesy of Mayple.

Category: Marketing Talent Agency

Specialties: The best marketing freelancers, boutique agencies

Location: New York, NY

Mayple is transforming the way businesses are implementing marketing in a digital landscape that is always changing. And they learned what their customers really need because Mayple was founded by a team of serial startup founders who faced all the challenges a small business has when they go to work with a marketing agency. Their system of hiring marketers on-demand allows businesses to adapt their cost to their month-to-month needs.

Cleverly logo

23 - Cleverly

LinkedIn Prospect Response Handling Decision Tree
Image courtesy of Cleverly.

Category: Social Media Marketing Agency

Specialties: LinkedIn

Location: Los Angeles, California

Cleverly supplies everything you need if you need to create a really strong B2B campaigns to attract your dream clients on LinkedIn

What Should Your Small Business Be Looking for in An Agency?

How the Best Agencies Deliver Powerful Results

examining marketing reports
The best agencies use data to provide insight that deliver results

When you are looking for a marketing agency that is best for your small business there are a few different things you want to keep in mind. First things first is that there are a lot of digital marketing agencies and content creation agencies that haven’t been around for a long time. And as such they don’t have much of a track record, so you might be hesitant to go with them if they do offer you a better price. The thing to look for here is whether they have any case studies or other data that can show they know how to manage the data in a productive way for you. Many of the larger firms list a bunch of national companies on their webpage so you can see they are legit.

But you don’t just have to go with an industry that is focused on strategies for larger brands. What you are looking for is up to you. So the next thing you need to do is identify what kind of online marketing your brand needs to grow, and what are your growth objectives realistically? Once you have a goal in mind you can start narrowing it down. Next you have to identify what kind of content is going to work best for your small business. Well, one of the best ways to figure that is by going to any of the marketing agencies on the list today and visiting their websites. Many of them offer free diagnoses of some part of your current digital efforts. One in particular will analyze your SEO against the SEO of all your competitors for free and see who ranks where you want to for free.

By getting a couple of these free analyses done, you can begin to see where your brand needs more support and what parts are currently doing pretty well. And once you have a little bit more data to work with, you are ready to make the next step and choose the marketing agency that is right for your small business!

If you want to see how other agencies can use data to help your small business see its growth explode, be sure to check out our articles on the top certified Google Analytics agencies and the best Google Analytics angencies this year.

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