The Power of User Experience

Let's break down what "user experience" really means, why it's important, and how to factor it into your business.

What is UX?

It’s everything involving you and your customer

The User Experience (UX) is how consumers interact with and experience your brand, from using your website to talking to your customer service reps to opening a package sent from your company. It’s not just having a pretty website. It’s the all around experience from the first time someone hears about your brand to their first (and hopefully not last) purchase. It’s an ongoing relationship that never ends.

Why You Should Care?

Simple. People have plenty of options and short attention spans

With so much competition in today’s online business world, it is crucial to attract customers that will not only buy from you, but will also return to purchase again. That’s where the power of user experience comes in. The best way to stand out in the online community in addition to having quality products or services is by making the website visitor’s experience both flawless and enjoyable.

People value their time more than anything. So when they decide to visit your website because they are shopping, it doesn’t take much for them to decide to leave and find a different company. It can be the smallest detail ever. Even if they just don’t like the way your website looks because it is not updated, they will instantly assume that means you don’t care about your customers and they will leave in a heartbeat, even if you have exactly what they are looking for.

Your Dad is Your Best Friend

Design for the worst case scenario

I’m assuming, of course, the stereotype of the grumpy old man who doesn’t get along with technology. If you’re lucky enough to have someone like this around, use him or her as your beta tester for your UX design. If you can get somebody who regularly gets mad at tech and computers to navigate your site with ease, you are golden.