User Experience

The Power of User Experience

UXAX Breaks Down the Real Meaning of User Experience and How it Affects the Success of Your Business

Whether you have been in the digital marketing scene for 10 years or just a year out of college, you have probably heard people emphasizing the term “user experience” when discussing methods for increasing conversion rates or attracting new customers. The term itself can be hard to define, yet easy to overlook.

In its latest insights post, UXAX defines what falls under user experience and how it can be leveraged to help your company succeed.

What is UX?

The User Experience Focuses on the Relationship You Cultivate with Your Customers

User Experience revolves around a user's interaction with your brand.

The User Experience (UX) revolves around all of the interactions a customer has with your brand. These interactions can occur on digital numerous platforms, such as a mobile app or a web page. UX also measures all of the in-person interactions your customers have with your brand, such as opening a package you delivered to them or speaking with a store associate.

Why You Should Care About Your Company’s UX

Consumers Have Numerous Options and Short Attention Spans

UX is all about the details.

With so many competitors out there ready to overtake or beat you, it is crucial to build a relationship with customers who will remain loyal to your brand. Closing the first purchase is important, but so is encouraging your customers to purchase a second or third thing. This is where user experience comes in. By providing a flawless and easy-to-navigate website to users, you can make their visit flawless and enjoyable.

Even the smallest detail such as the color of your website or the layout of your product images can deter a customer. That’s why you need to spay special attention to how your website looks and how navigable it is for new visitors.

Why You’re Dad is Going to Be Your Best Friend During the UX Design Process

Always Design for the Worst Case Scenario

person wearing long-sleeve top working on laptop
Good UX design is intuitive even to inexperienced tech users.

We should probably note that we are thinking of a stereotypical, older gentleman with a poor relationship with technology. People like this guy are great beta testers for your new UX design. Why? If a technophobic person can easily navigate your website, you’re golden.

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