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The Top Email Marketing Agencies in Pittsburgh

Are you in the market for a new local email marketing agency? Here are six agencies you’ll want to consider.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to reach your customers. In fact, when compared with social media, email is 40 times more effective.

But the problem many companies run into is having the skill set and bandwidth to manage and maintain a full-blown email marketing strategy.

When you consider everything you need to manage, from platform implementation, data management, content creation, design and layout, scheduling, and then reporting -- it can quickly become a very time-consuming process. 

Luckily, there are plenty of email marketing agencies out there that can help you manage and grow your email efforts. Depending on your business needs, an agency can help you with everything from implementation, strategy, growth plans, creatives, and much more. 

Hiring an email marketing agency will provide you with peace of mind and help take your email strategy to the next level. 

Once you’ve decided that hiring an agency to help manage your email marketing, the next step is finding the right partner for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at a handful of different email marketing agencies in the Pittsburgh area to help get you started. 

Each agency provides different services and can help fulfill several different marketing needs. It’s essential to take the time to understand what your needs are and keep those in mind as you move through the process. 

Here’s a look a the Pittsburgh email marketing agencies we’ll discuss: 

  • UXAX
  • DEG Digital
  • Flying Cork
  • Level Agency
  • C-Leveled
  • RedShift

Email Marketing Agencies in Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for an email marketing agency in the Steel City, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we’ll look at six different agencies based in or have an office location in Pittsburgh. 

  1. UXAX

UXAX is a Pittsburgh marketing agency that focuses on improving the user experience through advanced analytics strategies. By putting their brilliant team of design and data scientists together, they can solve any problem that arises -- and help you come out on the other side stronger. 

UXAX provides you with all the reporting you need. From understanding where customers fall within the sales funnel to knowing exactly how productive your sales have been, you can customize based on your business needs. Image courtesy of UXAX

Here are a few of UXAX’s services that can help improve your email marketing: 

  • Data Quality: to ensure your working with the most up-to-date, clean customer data to improve email engagement rates
  • Reporting Capabilities: customized reporting on the data that matters to you and historical data to compare year over year
  • Conversion Optimization: quickly identify areas for improvement to drive higher email conversion rates 
  • Opportunity Analysis: identify gaps and new opportunities in your email marketing efforts through a detailed analysis 

UXAX would be a great email marketing partner for any company looking to use data to improve the user experience and make informed email marketing decisions. 

  1. DEG Digital

DEG Digital is a full-service digital agency with an office located in Pittsburgh. This agency works to bring their clients everything from developing strategy and creative pieces to utilizing relevant technology to deliver digital solutions. DEG Digital can provide clients with an array of services beyond just email marketing. 

From strategy to new technology implementation, DEG Digital can provide you with the email marketing services you need. Image courtesy of Pexels

Here are a few of DEG Digital’s services that can help improve your email marketing: 

  • Personalized Strategy: ensure your customers are receiving customized emails with the right technology based on your business needs
  • Campaign Management: from dynamic content to real-time journey orchestration and everything in between -- DEG Digital can help manage all of your email campaigns
  • Implementation and Support: get the assistance you need to implement new technology or migrate to a new platform
  • Relationship Building: create the right strategy for your business to build relationships with your customers via email marketing

DEG Digital is a great email marketing partner for businesses requiring a little extra help from strategy building to deployment. 

  1. Flying Cork

Flying Cork is a marketing and advertising agency located in Pittsburgh that helps clients with digital strategy, content development, and creative services. They provide clients with email marketing services that will help attract and convert customers. Beyond email, their services ranging from marketing, media, e-commerce, and advertising.

Flying Cork can help you manage and connect all of your digital marketing efforts. From connecting email engagement data to Salesforce and everything in between, you’ll know exactly what your customers are doing. Image courtesy of Flying Cork

Here are a few of Flying Cork’s services that can help improve your email marketing: 

  • Strategy Development: create an email marketing strategy that considers customer pain points and delivers the message your customers need
  • Data Quality: keep your customer data clean to improve email engagement and decrease bounces
  • Stay Compliant: ensure you’re emails are compliant with all email regulations 
  • Reporting and Analytics: track and measure your email marketing to gain insights on how to improve future campaigns

Flying Cork would be the right email marketing partner for any company looking to improve its email strategy, needs assistance understanding regulations, and looking for reporting tools.

  1. Level Agency

Level Agency is a digital marketing agency that provides customers with an array of services, including email automation, customer nurturing, cross-channel marketing, and more. With two offices, one located in Pittsburgh, they can help grow and service local clients. 

By integrating the entire process, Level Agency can help you build a full customer journey. Whether it’s customer segmentation or lead scoring, you can do it all with this agency. Image courtesy of Level Agency.

Here are a few of Level Agency’s services that can help improve your email marketing: 

  • Integrate the Customer Journey: email marketing is just one step in the customer journey; with the help of Level Agency, you can integrate the entire process
  • Lead Scoring: track and score leads based on their engagement and interactions with your emails and other marketing tactics
  • Email Automation Management: use their expertise to help make your transition to a new automation platform simple
  • Technology Partnerships: with their various technology partners, you can tap into their knowledge and understanding to improve your marketing efforts

Level Agency would be a good partner for a company looking to hire an agency with a wide range of knowledge on various platforms and tools. 

  1. C-Leveled

C-Leveled is a full-service strategic marketing agency that can help your business grow. Whether it’s by increasing your subscriber list, developing new strategies, or providing you with the reporting you need -- they have it covered. 

Whether you’re just looking for digital marketing support or need an agency to help you develop the perfect strategy, C-Leveled has a service for you. Image courtesy of C-Leveled

Here are a few of C-Leveled services that can help improve your email marketing: 

  • Lead Generation: grow your subscriber list with lead generation tactics that help you reach the right people
  • Content Strategy and Development: tap into their content strategy and development experts to improve your emails 
  • Analytics Dashboards: easily measure the success of your campaigns with dashboards that cover all of your essential analytics
  • Automation Integrations: lean on C-Leveled when transitioning to your new marketing automation platform for a smooth transition

C-Leveled would be a good partner for companies looking to improve their strategy while continuing to generate more leads. 

  1. RedShift

RedShift is a digital marketing agency that can provide clients with a number of different marketing services, email being one of them. RedShift believes in utilizing resources effectively and treating clients as part of the team. 

Working with the right agency will allow you to take control of your email marketing. Your email strategy can continue to grow by developing the right strategy and continuously building your subscriber list. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Here are a few of RedShift’s services that can help improve your email marketing: 

  • Email Automation: create automated sequences to follow up with customers based on their real-time interactions
  • Schedule and Send: manage and send your emails to ensure subscribers are receiving new content 
  • Increase Leads: continue to grow your subscriber list by reaching new leads and encouraging them to sign-up for your emails
  • Track and Measure: track specific campaign metrics to gain valuable insights on your current email efforts 

RedShift is an agency that would work well for a company looking for a partner that treats them as part of the team and brings them along throughout the entire process.

Bonus: Questions to Ask Email Marketing Agencies

Before we send you off to start talking to the agencies that stood out to you, we wanted to provide you with some questions that will be valuable to ask. These will help you start to feel for who the agency is and how they can align with your business needs. We’ll break these questions into a few main sections. 

Business Goal Questions 

When going into your initial meetings with potential agencies, keep your goals in mind. You’re hiring this firm to help your business grow, so make sure they are clear on your goals and when you want to reach them. 

  • How will your agency help my business meet our goals? 
  • What would be your strategy to help us reach this goal? 
  • How will they provide you with campaign reporting?
  • How often will they provide you with these reports?
  • How do you define success when it comes to email marketing? 

Process-Based Questions

You’ll want to understand what their process is and how your business will fit into this. This will help you know what to expect when new campaigns kick-off and ensure reviews and approvals are done on schedule. 

  • What does the creative process look like? 
  • When does my team come into the process? 
  • What does the full process look like from start to finish? 
  • Will we see proof of creative pieces before they are finalized?
  • Will my team have the final say on all creative and emails sent to customers? 

Email Marketing Specific Questions

Of course, you’re going to want to ask a number of email marketing specific questions. These can help you feel exactly how they will handle your campaigns and continue to grow your email marketing presence. 

  • How do they plan to help grow and manage your subscriber list? 
  • Are emails responsive on all devices? 
  • How is personalization incorporated into email content and design? 
  • Will they maintain and manage your subscriber list, or do you need to? 

Platform Knowledge Questions

Knowing what technology and platforms you need the agency to learn are fundamental to consider. If you have already made the investment in an automation platform, but an agency has no experience with it -- they might not be the right fit. 

  • What types of technology and platforms are they familiar with? 
  • Can you help implement or migrate information from a previous platform? 
  • Do you know how to troubleshoot problems that may arise with this platform? 
  • Is there any other technology you’re familiar with that might benefit my company?

When it comes to exploring new opportunities and meeting with multiple agencies -- coming prepared with the right questions can make all of the difference. The more you know, the better you can make your decision and find the right partner for your business. 

Get Your Email Marketing Off the Ground

The hardest part of email marketing is getting started. Finding the right agency to help you make the most out of your current strategy will make the process much more enjoyable for you and your team. 

Whether your team lacks the skill sets needed or simply don’t have the bandwidth -- it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the benefits email marketing has to offer. 

This list of email marketing agencies in Pittsburgh will give you a great starting point, but now you’ve got to put in the work. Reach out to multiple companies, ask questions, and get to know more about how each one can help your business grow. 

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