Top 4 Analytic Softwares You Need for Ultimate Optimization

Check out these top 4 analytic software solutions that will help you identify problems and boost sales.


Utilize the Power of Heatmaps and Session Replay

Analytics is more than just looking at the numbers. It is directly integrated with the user experience. Inspectlet helps you analyze where your analytic numbers are coming from.

Use Inspectlet to watch recorded playbacks of your visitors’ sessions on your website so you can see exactly what they are looking at and clicking on.

You can also analyze click, eye-tracking, and scroll heatmaps which give you a general overview of what users are attracted to the most about your website. It also helps you understand where the user is struggling to find what they are looking for on your site.


Analyze, Segment, and Solve Your Conversion Issues in One Place

Kissmetrics is a great all-in-one analytic platform that breaks down everything you need to increase conversions.

They break it down into analytics, populations, and campaigns, so that it’s easier to keep track of everything.

The analytics helps you track everything you need to know with a variety of reports like metrics, activities, and funnels. Populations is how they segment your visitors so you know exactly who is affecting your analytics and where to focus your energy. The campaigns assist you in creating the right emails for the right people based on your analytics and populations. These three components all tie together nicely.


Attack Analytics from All Angles with Full Customization

Piwik is the ultimate tool for analytic customization, with the ability to track an almost endless list of data and customize your dashboard to look at the specific data you care about and nothing else.

They are known for having totally free software with no data storage limits, community support, and on the go mobile applications for any device.

The list of features will amaze you, and you can use these to filter analytic reports for a basic website, ecommerce site, server log, or intranet.

Google Analytics

The Number One Free Tool For Everyone

Most people are already aware of Google Analytics, and if you’re not using it for your website, then you’re missing out.

This free tool is easy to set up, and once you’re set up you get quality data collection and management, reporting and analysis, and data activation.