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4 Popular Analytic Softwares You Should Acquaint Yourself With

Meet 4 Top Analytic Software Solutions Designed to Help Your Company Boost its Sales

Analytic software programs play a critical role in your company’s operations and workflows. Everything from the number of visitors that swing by your website each day to the rate of new subscriptions you receive from a newsletter is offered by the best analytics software programs. That’s why UXAX is introducing you to 4 of our favorite analytic software platforms in our latest article.

1. Inspectlet

Image courtesy of Inspectlet.

Inspectlet harnesses the power of heatmaps and session replays to help you dig deeper into your user experience. While some analytics programs focus on only telling you what changes in conversion rates you are experiencing or what the average bounce rate of each of your pages is, Inspectlet tells you why these statistics are occurring.

By offering features such as recorded playbacks for visitor sessions, eye-tracking capabilities, and heatmaps, you can see what your visitors are attracted to on your website as well as what is frustrating them.

2. Kissmetrics

Image courtesy of Kissmetrics.

Kissmetrics offers powerful data analytics at an inexpensive price. Users typically rely on Kissmetrics for expert guidance on how they can increase their conversion rates. Its user-friendly interface also makes it easy to focus on the meaty data that matters most to your business.

Companies can enroll in Kissmetrics for SaaS or e-commerce. The Saas option is built to help you drive your site’s conversions and help you track information on the number of new subscriptions, trial-to-signup conversion rates, monthly recurring revenue, and more. The e-commerce option is perfect for companies you want to figure out who their “big spenders” are.  When you enroll in it, you can learn important techniques for optimizing your checkout funnel and increasing repeat purchases.

3. Matamo Analytics, Formerly Known as Piwik

Image courtesy of Matamo Analytics.

Matamo Analytics is a stellar alternative to Google Analytics for companies who want a little more data privacy. This platform focuses on protecting the data of both your business and its loyal customers. In addition to this added safety, Matamo offers 100% accurate data, customer support, and customizable tools for companies of all sizes. Its easy-to-navigate user interface also helps people focus on critical metrics rather than wasting time trying to find important statistics and data sets.

4. Google Analytics

Image courtesy of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a popular analytic software among companies are varying sizes. This free software offers valuable insights, such as a company’s conversion rate or engagement rate on certain social media posts or information on which campaigns perform the best. Users can also create their own custom insights to help them focus on specific strengths and weaknesses of their business.

As you can see here, data analytics plays a critical role in improving your company’s sales creates. For more advice on how you can successfully leverage your data, contact the team at UXAX today for a free demo.

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