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3 Critical Analytics Metrics You Need to Understand to Increase Your Sales Rates

A Stellar UX Requires More Than Enticing Content and a Responsive Website

In order to become a successful business, your sales team needs to do more than just finding people who would be interested in your product. Making sure people know that your company exists is only the first step on a long journey toward procuring loyal customers. Part of increasing your sales rate involves building relationships with your customers and focusing on long-term strategies for setting yourself apart from the competition.

To help you increase sales and conversions, UXAX offers a guide to the top three analytic metrics you should be using.

1. Figure Out Where Your Traffic Source is Coming From

There should always be new visitors to your website. By having plenty of new leads entering your website, you have less pressure on yourself to close one particular customer. However, you need to know where this traffic is coming from.

Are these new visitors typing your URL directly into their browsers? Did they come from a Facebook ad? Once you figure out where your traffic is coming from, you can tailor specific lead generation campaigns that attract more of them.

2. Analyze New Visitor Impressions

First impressions are important. Because visitors typically have short attention spans, you will need to articulate your company’s services and products with engaging content and captivating headlines. Remember to separate your new visitor metrics from returning visitors as well.

3. Determine Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Page

According to Google Analytics, a “bounce” occurs when a user visits a single web page without doing anything else. Figuring out the reasoning behind your web page’s bounce rate is critical for determining how responsive and user-friendly your website is. Is it hard to navigate? Are you using boring copy?

For more advice on improving your sales rate, visit UXAX’s insights page.

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