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Web Design Trends to be on the Lookout For in 2022

Pioneering the newest trends in UX and web design for 2022, and what that means for your website

As trends rise and fall in popularity, the internet continues its race to keep up with the new and demanding interests of web consumers. Below is a list of trends that are set to take off and rocket into regularity in this upcoming year. As the internet moves away from bright, flashy, and attention grabbing and begins the transition into a calmer, more minimal vibe.

Dark Mode

With the release of iOS 13 for Apple products, one of the most popular features introduced to date–dark mode–has been met with overwhelming praise and success. One of the most popular trends to be expected in 2022 is the utilization of darker interfaces to both reduce eyestrain on consumers in low-light environments, as well as present contrast. The most striking examples of companies that are expected to utilize this trend is streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu as well as social networking sites like Twitter.

Twitter’s dark mode feature (image courtesy of MacRumors)

Minimalism and One Page Sites

Web design and aesthetic are set to collide with the rise of minimalism as a mainframe design choice. This is often used with one page websites to provide brevity while still delivering effective and impactful content.  As opposed to menus, minimalist, single page websites have begun to rise in popularity due to the ease of access that they provide. Users enjoy having all of their information in one place, and in a world where life becomes increasingly fast paced, minimal decoration and lack of the bells-and-whistles that once drew people in offer an easy, user-based experience.

Happy woman video chatting on laptop in kitchen
Time is a limited commodity in the world of customer service, and chatbots can help increase efficiency


As the digital world becomes increasingly more fast paced, people have less time to call customer support centers and get help through spoken conversation. Chatbots, such as those featured on websites like T-Mobile have utilized chatbots to not only cut down on caller traffic, but collect data on the most frequent problems that users are experiencing. In addition to easy contact between patrons and service providers, it increases customer satisfaction due to shorter wait times, more convenient means of communication, and the ability to make the chat unignorable through pop-ups and windows.

Oversized Text and Pointers

The foundation of a website is its content. A trend that continues to grow through the end of 2021 and projected to continue well into 2022 is the utilization of oversized fonts and pointers on a website. Aside from undeniably catching a client’s attention, the use of oversized fonts allows for the integration of animation, minimalism, and interaction where previously there was only the opportunity to catch a viewer’s eye. With the ability to consistently create new fonts, the larger text can be endlessly customizable, allowing for a web designer to create limitless possibilities.

Gender Neutrality

Gender neutral sites have risen in popularity and will continue to do so as we move away from the gender binary and move into unisex and ungendered viewpoints. Many kinds of sites that were considered “gendered” (like skin care, sportsbook sites, and cosmetics) are no longer branded in pink aesthetics or rugged hypermasculine themes.

Instead, neutral greens and beiges are more frequently used–or color is forgone altogether and a simple black and white color scheme is often used. These shifts come at a time that gender is being revolutionized, and web designs, from the color scheme to the gender options available at sign ups, are being changed, improved, or taken out in order to foster inclusivity.


As technology advances and becomes more available to more people, accessibility is a function that is more relevant now in 2022 than ever. With accessible technology becoming more revolutionary and offering more functions to those who are disabled, websites that are easily readable to screen readers, alternative text devices, and visual aides are becoming necessary to reach a wider scope of traffic. In addition to bringing more traffic thanks to a welcoming layout, UX can be benefited in compliance to local and international accessibility standards.


Bold text–both in content and font– have also become a trend in web design going into 2022. By utilizing large and bold text, not only is your website attention grabbing, but the need for flashy buttons and maximalism is practically non-existent. Websites with plain, minimal html as well as default font settings are all hallmarks of this style that began to take traction in the mid 2010s. Brutalist Websites is a website that is devoted to chronicling these sites, as well as showing off the polar opposite to the “frivolity of today’s web design”.

Large text and contrasting colors allow for brutalism to be harsh and attention grabbing. (Image courtesy of Raw Magazine and Brutalist Website).


From button outlines to snapchat filters, gradient color schemes have become incredibly popular in web design; and with new leaps made in the technology and design, the ability to apply this unique coloring has reached new heights. With the ability to mimic mediums like film or photographs, a new design standard has emerged to grab the eye of a website viewer.

Gradient, along with the rise in popularity of 3D layouts in websites have been combined to create truly breathtaking overlays. Adding this new visual layer to a site leaves room for more creative design that will grab the attention of those with a penchant for color and flair.

The Future of Web Design Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Where does this leave the future trends of web design? As new trends come to light and interest in current trends begin to decline, there is no doubt that an ever-changing eye for design is going to be critical to the success of a website and maintaining a steady flow of web traffic.

The fluidity of web design is what makes it such a unique and challenging job, especially as consumers become more and more demanding to see something new or exciting. As with all trends, the variations that can be created and exported to a website are almost limitless, and new trends emerge not only over the year, but over time as a more expansive measurement.

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