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Why Recording & Watching Visitors On Your Website Will Change Your Life

In order to improve your website’s UX, you need to watch what your visitors are doing

Keeping track of visitor sessions is important for understanding their interests and needs. By attaching cookies to their visitors’ browsers, companies can learn what other sites they are visiting and what products they are buying. Once they figure out what entices these visitors, they can tailor personal and relevant ads to attract them to their website. Not only that, but they can also use this data to improve the UX of their website. UXAX reviews why monitoring visitor sessions can ultimately help you improve your website.

You Can Find Out Why Users Are Dropping Off

When you record your visitors’ sessions on your website, you can learn where most of them are dropping off. For instance, if you find that they tend to leave after visiting the “About” page, you may have to re-examine its design and content. Session recordings also allow you to pinpoint what page functionalities your visitors are having trouble with. Once you find out what is frustrating your visitors, you can take the first steps toward fixing the problem on your website.

Learn What Problems Visitors Are Experiencing at Checkout

No one achieves a 100% check-out rate, not even Amazon. In general, if you can get at least 60% of people through your check-out process, you are doing fine. But in order to find out why the other 40% are leaving, you will need to check out some session replays. As you watch them, you can see which specific part most visitors are jumping off from. Maybe you are making them fill out too many fields. Or it is taking too long to process their order.

Improve Your Navigation and Search Options

Your navigation bar and search bar capabilities are critical for allowing visitors to seamlessly click through your website. If your website doesn’t use a clear navigation menu with easy-to-follow subcategories and a simple search bar, this can easily frustrate visitors. These features should be usable across all devices, including cell phones, laptops, and tablets.

Pinpoint Specific Places That You Need to Track in Google Analytics

While Google Analytics offers 100+ KPIs to track, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to constantly check all of them. In fact, many of the data points are actually a waste of time. As you continue to watch different session replay videos, you will learn what specific clicks you should start tracking.

Monitoring your visitors’ actions on your website can help you improve it in the long run. For more advice on giving your website a needed quality boost, check out more of UXAX’s expert insights now.

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