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How to Delete A Google Analytics Account

These Are Our Helpful Tips for Deleting Your Analytics Account

To best understand how to go about deleting a Google Analytics account you will first want to be 100 percent sure you want to delete your account. Once the account is deleted you will not be able to retrieve any data or reinstate your reports. There are a few steps to follow which include:

  • Remove the analytics tracking code from all of your web pages or from your app
  • Sign in to Google Analytics
  • Click Admin
  • In the ACCOUNT column, use the menu to select the account you want to delete
  • In the ACCOUNT column, click on Account Settings
  • Click Move to Trash Can

This will then email all Administrators notifying them that the account has been marked for deletion. You do have a short period of time that your account will be held in the trash can before it is completely deleted, which is 35 days. After it leaves the trash can it is permanently deleted and gone.

Why Would You Delete Your Google Analytics Account?

If you want to delete your Google Analytics account, keep in mind all of your options before you go and delete your account with no way to retrieve that data. Now, if you are considering deleting your account you most likely know why you want to delete your account. There are ways to just delete certain aspects of a Google Analytics account without having to delete your whole account. 

There are multiple reasons why you may be considering deleting your Google Analytics account which include your website not being active anymore or that you have quit your blog. It is also important to note that there are multiple hierarchies in Google Analytics, which are:

  • Account - at least one account where you can see your analytics
  • Property - can be a website and an account can have multiple properties
  • View - can be a subdomain for a specific website

It is possible to have multiple accounts with multiple properties that have multiple views.

Remember, that if you delete your Google Analytics account, all of your properties associated with that account will be deleted too. Deleting a property will remove all of the views, filters, and settings of that specific property. You can create a copy or import your historical data into another analytics tool, if you do not want to lose this data. 

What Other Analytics Softwares Are There?

Analytic softwares are a crucial aspect to your business in your workflows and operations. If you decide to not use Google Analytics, that is okay because there are other analytic softwares you can use instead. You can take your import or the copy of your historical data and transfer it to one of these other three analytic softwares, which are:

  • Inspectlet
  • Kissmetrics
  • Matamo Analytics, Formerly Known as Piwik


This analytics software tool harnesses the power of heatmaps and session replays to allow you to get a deeper look into your user experience. It tells you what changes in conversion rates you are experiencing or what the average bounce rate of each of your pages is, but unlike other analytics softwares it also tells you why these statistics are happening. By having features such as recorded playbacks, eye-tracking capabilities, and heatmaps, you are able to see what is attracting your visitors to your site as well as what is frustrating them on your site.


This option is inexpensive compared to other analytics softwares. The users of Kissmetrics usually rely on it for expert guidance for how they can increase their conversion rates. This analytics software has a user-friendly interface which allows you to be able to view the data that really matters most for your business.

Matamo Analytics, Formerly Known as Piwik

This option is a great alternative to Google Analytics if you would like some more data privacy. This not only protects your data as the business but also protects the data of your customers. This analytics software also offers 100 percent accurate data, customer support, as well as customizable tools for companies of any size. It also has an easy-to-navigate interface which helps you be able to focus on the important metrics instead of wasting your time trying to locate the important statistics and data sets.

Data analytics is crucial for understanding and improving your company’s sales. Using one of these analytics softwares will greatly improve your chances of enhancing your site for your visitors. It can be used to track and watch visits to your site and see what is gaining positive attention.

An image with a woman holding a phone and a laptop.
Tracking and watching visits to your site will be helpful when determining what changes may need to be made!

Importance of Data Analytics

You may be asking yourself, why is data analytics even important? Well here are a few reasons as to why data analytics is super important for your website. It is crucial to note that data is a big deal for businesses and if used correctly can have a big impact. 

Data management is becoming an important strategy of corporations these days. There are many benefits of data analytics and businesses are seeing this importance and how it relates to business intelligence. Making more well informed decisions based on using data analytics can lead to more efficient business operations, which will result in a better business in general. 

A graphic listing the importance of data analysis.
Data Analytics is super important to understand in order to benefit your site and business! Image courtesy of SDS Club.

How Can You Analyze Data?

There are a couple ways you can go about analyzing your data. Some methods include using algorithms, predictive analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence (AI). There are four ways in which data analysts extract information from complex data, which are:

  • Data Mining
  • Text Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence

Data Mining

What exactly is data mining? It is a process used to extract usable data from a large dataset. It involves things like data collection, warehousing, and computer processing. Data mining uses advanced algorithms to segment and evaluate the data.

Text Analytics 

This is the process of drawing meaning out of written communication. These types of softwares usually tend to rely on text mining and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms in order to find patterns and meaning. A real-world example of text analytics is used to build the auto-correction function on mobile devices. This is because it will not only correct your spelling, but it will also predict what you are going to type next.

Data Visualization 

This is what helps to create a clear picture of what the data actually means. This can make it easier to comprehend what the data means by using:

  • Bar graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Tables
  • Other visuals
A graphic listing the importance of data visualization.
There are 4 key areas of importance when it comes to using Data Visualization! Image courtesy of Great Learning.

Business Intelligence

This is the overall end-game of data analytics. This uses analytics tools to convert the data into usable and actionable insights. This is often seen paired with data visualization techniques. Business intelligence, or BI offers insights to decision makers about the state of the business.

Keep in mind that if you are planning to delete your Google Analytics account you most likely know why you want to delete it. However, there are other options of analytics softwares that can be used and can offer you valuable insights into your business. Data analytics is super important for the benefit of not only the business, but being able to see what is working and what is not working on your site. You want to be sure you are getting as much attention to your site as you can. 

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